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The tale of Fanny
The story behind the product

The tale of Fanny


From gift to award-winning bestseller

Architect and designer Ami Katz wanted to give an extra special and personal gift to her good friend and colleague Fanny for her 50th birthday coming up. It would turn out to be a vase designed by herself and hand made by another friend, Tomas Söderholm, as late as the night before the party.

The vase later got published in a magazine after which Ami's working place started receiving inquiries about where the vase could be purchased. Ami explains how she had always liked Klong's collection and decided to get in touch.

By now we all know that this turned out to be a successful meeting, and in 2012 Fanny was presented at the interior design fair Formex in Stockholm. It was so well received in fact that it won the Formex Formidable jury prize with the following motivation:"A sculptural object that captures our prevailing love of flowers and fascination with brass. With glimmering inspiration from Art Nouveau and the Wiener Werkstätte (Vienna Workshop), Fanny combines strictness and playfulness, innovation and forward-lookingness. A future classic, a stylized bouquet that does not require any flowers."

That was the tale of Fanny - or should we say fairy tale?


Ami Katz explains how it all went down

“Since way back I had had the idea to separate what keeps the water from what the flowers can be arranged in. The inspiration came from my mother's way of building her own vases from different bowls and, for example, stones to make her flower arrangements amazing.

As Fanny's birthday approached, she became my inspiration and the last pieces of the puzzle fell into place. It had to be big enough to fit on her coffee table, be a bit sixties-inspired (we were born in 1960) and be equally classic and original, just like Fanny. It was ready at the last minute!"

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