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The story of Liv
The story behind the product

The story of Liv

Liv comes to life...

More than 15 years have passed since Klong began selling the Liv lamp, designed by the well-renowned designer and architect Jonas Bohlin. At Klong Liv has become a loyal favourite that appears to never go out of style. Perhaps the secret is that it is just as modern as it is classic? Now it is time to put Liv in the limelight and tell the thrilling story of how it came to life.

In the beginning the Liv lamp was part of an entire collection of furniture all carrying the same name. It all began on a trip that Jonas Bohlin went on in the summer of 1994. It was no usual trip, but a rowing trip from Stockholm to Paris. To help him on this journey he had 53 friends and four pairs of oars in an open longboat called LIV. The three letters partly stands for the Latin number for 54, ie the number of travelers. In addition, it is a symbol of conception and birth, according to the numerical symbolism of numerology.

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