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Mattias Stenberg and his Gömma
The story behind the product

Mattias Stenberg and his Gömma


The Gömma family has got a new member, and in connection with that we wish to look back and find out how it came about that the designer Mattias Stenberg came up with the idea of designing the original Gömma to begin with.

The new Gömma Steel, which is made entirely of stainless steel, is especially designed for serving and storing food. But the reason for creating the original Gömma was more about filling a personal need for a certain product Mattias' felt was lacking out there. This is what he said back then:

"Gömma is really the result of my own allergy to clutter. It's a way to 'store in the open', and to avoid having to put away your everyday objects in drawers. Just put the lid on, wherever the clutter occurs. Even though it's called Gömma, which means hide or hideaway, there is nothing anonymous about it. It is there to be seen on the table, in the window or on the shelf. It should be a bit headstrong, just like Klong".


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