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About Klong

With a genuine and deep interest in form and design
I was inspired to start my own brand. The idea was to
create something new but also timeless and everlasting.
Focusing on the beauty of things. So 20 years later, this
achievement has been met. We have developed products
that no one else has made or thought of. Struggled with
production like no one else. Starting off with an idea
that looked impossible to achieve and then eventually
We have encountered different tastes and styles and
created our own brand that we will not deviate from.
Sometimes there have been sales successes and at times
the products only appeared briefly in very few homes.
It has all been equally fun – with the idea to create
something exceptional. Something to enhance the
surroundings with beauty and harmony. And something
fun. We are all different, with diverse backgrounds and
varying perspectives as to what is good and bad, what is
ugly or beautiful.
Our collection reflects what we feel is
good and beautiful – otherwise we would have given up.
Our idea is based on careful choices – to own something
that we have chosen with care is a far better choice
than to own something that has been bought without
desire and joy. I believe those who choose Klong like to
feel chosen and have made a smart, exceptional and
beautiful choice. You are our choice, and we are here to
make you happy.
Eva Hjertberg, Founder of Klong Intermestic AB

People at Klong

Georg Hedendahl, CEO
E-mail: georg@klong.se
Eva Hjertberg, Owner/Head of Production
E-mail: eva@klong.se
Alexandra Nord, Supply Chain Manager
E-mail: alexandra@klong.se
Louise Auer, Customer Service Manager
E-mail: louise@klong.se
Alex Kaspo, Financial Consultant
E-mail: alex@kaspoconsulting.se

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