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Welcome Cirkus!

Welcome Cirkus!

Eva Schildt's Cirkus

The assignment that was given to Eva Schildt was to create a floor candle holder. With her creative ability to find unique solutions, Eva created a candle holder that with its shape and in a smaller scale also can be placed on tables. The idea of movable geometric shapes that can be stacked on top of each other emerged, with inspiration from navigation marks.

”I like the way they look, tall figures with their own shape that welcome you at sea!”says Eva Schildt.


By turning the semicircles, different expressions are created, which is part of Eva Schildt's hallmark. The classic candlestick Constella is another typical example of Eva's design that can be changed, creating a variety of different expressions. It does not become static, but instead playful. The playfulness together with its form, is what gave Cirkus its name.

The candlesticks are made of brass but also availble with a black finish. Cirkus comes in three sizes, with the largest piece being a floor candlestick.

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