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Eva Schildt on Valentine's Day and the new year
Meet the designers

Eva Schildt on Valentine's Day and the new year

The collaboration between designer Eva Schildt and Klong goes way back, and she has with her many beautiful products in the collection become a dear member of the Klong family. In the range of produtcs we for instance find the Äng vas and the candleholder Constella; two favourites that have already become modern classics that people often associate Klong with at first thought.

Now we want to get to know Eva a little better and of course hear what her Valentine's Day plans are! Her candleholder Marriage and the candlesticks Marriage Duo are after all examples of the ultimate Valentine's Day gift, right? The two rings are reminiscent of wedding rings that have been welded together. A symbol of eternal love perhaps?


How do you hope to spend your Valentine's Day?

I would love to go out and eat with my husband at some nice restaurant in Stockholm, that happens far too seldom. There are so many new exciting places that keeps popping up, I feel it's hard to keep up.

What are your expectations for 2022?

In the fall I planted a large kitchen garden and I hope that everything will survive there.

In addition I think that it is important to take advantage of the creative periods. For me that happens during March and in September/October. It may sounds funny but it's usually like that…!

Which Äng vase is your personal favourite?

Of course I'm a little extra fond of the latest Äng Pond where we have reduced the height of the vase as much as we can without losing function, it's very exciting. Or reduced the whole vase actually. I have always wanted the vase not to compete too much with the flowers, that the pattern is camouflaged etc… now it is as small as it can be ;)


What is Valentine's Day?

Saint Valentine may be the person we should thank for Valentine's Day. In the 3rd century he was sentenced to death for marrying a Christian couple. A couple of hundred years later he was canonized and his memory was celebrated in the Catholic Church on February 14th. Over time, the date has become what it is today; a day for celebrating love.


Design Eva Schildt

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