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Get acquainted with Margarita
Meet the designers

Get acquainted with Margarita

Meet the designer behind Twilight


Margarita Matiz Bergfeldt was born in Bogotá, Colombia in 1973. Today she lives and works in Stockholm since first moving here after getting accepted to Konstfack, University of Arts, Crafts and Design. In 1999 she graduated with a MFA in industrial design.

This year Margarita's first product designed for Klong- the beautiful sconce Twilight - was launched. We sat down and had a talk with Margarita about her working process, inpiration and of course about Christmas!


Welcome to the Klong family! What's it been like collaborating with Klong for the first time?

Thank you! Working with Klong has been fantastic, I presented the idea with a ready made functional prototype and Eva just loved it and directly said "yes let's do it!"

Which is the most important aspect for you when working on a new product?

The most important is to be near to the production when developing a new product so that you can have a dialogue during the process to make it real. It’s fantastic to understand all the methods behind the production.

Is there any environment that inspires you especially much or often?

The weather and all its variations inspires me, to document visual experiences, to travel, to meet and talk with people.

We have to talk a little about Christmas. How do you celebrate?

I celebrate Christmas sometimes in Colombia and sometimes in Sweden, the most important for me is to enjoy the moment with my family, around traditions. In Colombia we celebrate on the 7 of December "El dia de las velitas” when family gather around a lot of candles and I am so happy to bring Twilight this year into the tradition.

Will you make any New Year's resolutions? If so, what will it be?

I usually don't make promises because I feel that it stresses me, but I always want to feel that what I am doing in life I should feel happy with it. I want to work with things that are meaningfull. But Ok a promise I should make is to excersise more… After Christmas.

Haha! Finally, which is your favourite piece of detail or furniture at your place?

Right now I am really happy to have placed Twilight in an important spot at home: the corner between the kitchen and the window. The kitchen is a favourite place for us at home and The window is the best that exist. Twilight is just there in the middle bringing a new dimension.

Apart from this, I love the hook that my husband Jonas Bergfeldt designed when he was still at Konstfack called Mama. We filled up a wall with them in different heights so it became a random pattern. It welcomes us everyday, when we enter our home in a happy way and it is in use all the year around.

Twilight is available in two materials: brass and stainless steel. Included with the product are two suspension plates so that you can choose whether you want to hang it on a flat wall or in a corner. You will also get both a vase and a candle insert for the availability to change the look of your Twilight through the seasons and different occasions.


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