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Marie-Louise Hellgren

Marie-Louise Hellgren is a  Swedish designer who keeps a big focus on sustainability. You will find her products all over the world. Marie-Louise design is all about giving meaning to daily life through the beauty, simplicity and vibrant energy her products excrete.

Marie-Louise is working with a large variety of products and materials. Her creativity firmly rests on a deep respect for our nature, as well as the Swedish tradition of gathering and enjoying each other’s company when it comes to traditions and ceremonies.

Through travelling the world and exploring uninhabited places in Tasmania, Peru and on Iceland, Marie-Louise has been able to get a deeper connection with the soul and spirit of our planet. A connection which has been transferred to her products.

Marie-Louise works with both large international companies and smaller local actors. Through her versatility when it comes to materials and different product types, her skills can be applied on anything from small interior details to large concept assignments.

Her art is a reminder of what is really important in life.

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