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Broberg & Ridderstråle

DesignerBroberg & Ridderstråle

Whatever the assignment might be, Mats Broberg and Johan Ridderstråle intend to create an emotional connection, a significant detail or symbol. Their inspiration comes from every passing day and with a rational ingredient in their products, they add a humoristic twist.

From a classical shape they add a unique detail which gives the item an identity, separating it from the rest. A wavy piece of metal becomes a dynamic curtain, there is a birds leg supporting a table, new technology is placed in a sense of the 19th century. Broberg & Ridderstråle toy with the idea of what is normality. But it is not simply about having fun – Broberg & Ridderstråle are disciplined and have a soft spot for a degree of expression. Of their professional partnership they comment: ”It works perfectly. If one of us has a bizarre idea (normally Mats) it is up to the other one (usually Johan) to make that idea possible.”

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