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Britta Teleman

DesignerBritta Teleman

“I do not think I could begin with a shape. My designs must begin with a material, a need or a concept,” says Britta Teleman. Her way of thinking is demonstrated with the shelf Strapp, a showcase among the Klong designs.

Britta Teleman does interior products, design teaching and interdisciplinary collaborations. Projects range from norm-critial speculative design, furniture and home accessories, to co-produced healthcare products. By fusing odd ideas with unconventional shapes, materials or functions, the results feel strangely obvious and simplistic, even though you have never seen anything like it before. 

Britta is born and raised in Sweden, and now works in Halmstad and Stockholm. In 2007 she graduated from Central Saint Martins in London. She is a founding member of design & architecture studio Objecthood and is also teaching Design Methodology at various universities in Sweden.


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