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Barbro Berlin

DesignerBarbro Berlin

”I want to enhance the experience of small daily activities by combining function with beauty. I like the small moments to be sensuous and aesthetic, whether it’s preparing or serving things to eat and drink or hanging up a piece of clothes in the hallway. My creativity thrives from the shapes and colours in nature.”

Barbro Berlin’s first designed object for Klong is the kitchen tool Gondol. “With Gondol, I feel I have expressed my ultimate aspiration: an obvious combination of those senses that arouse emotions and functionality. When you remove Gondol from its case, you feel you are performing a ritual. Gondol has something magical and timeless about it, which interests me.”

”The Gondolettes, on the other hand, are inspired from my childhood. We used these tools almost every day for all kinds of small dishes.”

Today Barbro Berlin collaborates with Pia Amsell in Amsell Berlin Designstudio. Their designs include products for the dining table, printed fabrics and lighting.

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