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Ami Katz

”Many classics are designed for a specific project” says Ami. She is convinced that the clear frames given in a project give the products a purpose and attributes which make them useful in different situations and environments they were not initally meant for.

“My mother often made unique flower arrangements and was always on the pursuit of finding beautiful vases. I believe that is why I started thinking of a vase with a water vessel and some kind of construction around it to make that kind of flower arrangements possible. But it was not until Fanny received a gift on her 50th birthday that i visualized the vase. The shape was ought to be playful without being ”trendy” and the material should express something timeless through ageing well.”

Tomas Söderholm contributed with improvements and crafted the brass construction in his father’s workshop. Like most of 3dO’s creation, Fanny is the result of cooperation.

After the “Fanny”-vase was lended out to a fashion journalist, the office started to receive inquiries on where to buy it. This is where KLONG entered the process.

3dO is a design firm consisting of various architects and designers who work in different fields; from residential projects to formgiving and design of public spaces.

Fjällnäs gästhus, preschool Ugglan & Restaurang Hjerta are examples of projects carried out by 3dO. Throughout the years, 3dO has designed furniture, textiles and items for specific environments.

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