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Blad Skål Square
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Blad Bowl
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Blad Bowl

Make you serving beautiful with the Blad bowl. Made of stainless steel and partly powder coated in blue and embellished with a decorative leaf pattern.

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Product description

Blad finns som skålar i två storlekar där bladet utgör en fin dekoration på utsidan av botten. Båda står på en fot och ger en lyxig känsla. Den största av dem har en tillhörande bricka vilket gör att den kan användas som ett magnifikt tårtfat.

Med det fina lövet som utgångspunkt finns nu skapade Eva Schildt serien Blad. Förutom skålarna så består serien också av två burkar i olika storlekar samt en vas/ljusstake. 



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Eva Schildt

Growing up on an island in the Stockholm archipelago, the sea and the rugged island environment are constant companions in Eva Schildt’s artistic practice. Since graduating in Furniture and Product Design from Beckmans College of Design, Stockholm, in 2001, Schildt has designed everything from furniture and textiles to packaging and trade fair showcases. She also works as an interior architect.

Eva Schildt is convinced that people actually do not change that much throughout time but that their surroundings do, constantly. This plays an important part in her design. In a respectful manner she combines tradition with a touch of playful modernity.

The materials and techniques vary; sometimes it is about crafts, sometimes serial production. Inspired by nature, the design, which is often sculptural, has virtually always comprised elements of humor and multifunctionality.

Eva Schildt’s playful approach to everyday life and her warm personality are inherent in her designs, which are available in many countries. Currently based in Stockholm she has previously lived in Tokyo and collaborated with many Japanese companies.

She is represented at the Nationalmuseum in Stockholm and the Röhsska Museum in Gothenburg.

"Behind all design there is a human, an experience. When you are present you have something real to share. If you really wish to affect someone, you have to expose yourself without the fear of being perceived as redundant".


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