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Klong is home
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Klong is home

Klong is home is not only an activity, but also a long-term message and a clear vision.

By highlighting Klong's wide product range, we want to show how Klong finds a place in every home and room, regardless of interior design style. With the help of four interior stars with four unique homes, from four different countries, we brought this vision to life!


Helene Houe

Danish Helene has decorated a home where new and old classics coexist. Recurring light blue tones provide a lovely contrast to the other neutral colours. High ceilings, beautiful stucco, bookshelves, and picture walls altogether create a lot of wow factor in this home.

Helene has decorated her home with Twilight. Both the steel and brass version hang together on one wall. The multifunctional Awa, which serves as both a candlestick and a vase, has taken its place on the coffee table.

Last but not least, the Perho mirror hangs on the beige wall.


Blue Dela Cruz

From Oslo we have Blue whose home has a typical Scandinavian atmosphere, with warm neutral colours, clean lines and beautifully crafted wooden details.

A consistent theme in Blue’s home is brass details, which we see on the coffee table decorated with the Äng vase and the Cirkus candlestick. In the hall, we find Twilight. Even if the home is mostly filled with products in brass, Tender High and Low in nickel in the dining room breaks the trend.


Elsa Billgren

Elsa presents her interpretation of Klong is home in her house on the island Gotland. Here, vintage finds are mixed with newly produced items. Soft light textiles and earthy tones are broken up with details in wood and metal.

For Elsa, Klong is home is the Liv tulle lamp, the Kluster candlestick, the Finn bottle opener, and the Patina oil lamp which together enhance the cosy feeling in the living room.


Leonie Pauls

Colourful Leonie lives in Hamburg in a home that can be described as comfortable maximalism. It oozes the 70s and 80s with dark masculine accent details, but at the same time with soft tones that are highlighted by strong colour contrasts and different types of wooden details. It is both an eccentric and harmonious home.

Klong is home for Leonie is Pavo lamp in the bedroom, Orb vase in the living room and Tender and Signe appearing on the set table in the dining room.


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